Closed Steel vault

When And How To Invest In Gold

Invest in gold Dear Vaultoro customers, unfortunately, we all live in extremely uncertain times. And the so-called “markets” in particular are also showing signs of nervousness: the price of gold, for example, goes up…

Artificial intelligence and technical analysis

New AI Technical Analysis Tools

New AI Technical Analysis Tools We have added easy to read AI Technical analysis indicators to Vaultoro! If you have a look in the widgets panel on the right, you will see two barometers…

hands with money at bank or currency exchanger

Banks Hiding Cash As The System’s Cracks Widen

German financial institutions are packing private vaults full of depositors cash to offset the mounting price of negative interest rates from the ECB, and now some of the biggest Vaulting facilities are running out…

The Bitcoin Group with Thomas Hunt

Iran, Exchange Danger, Bitcoin Privacy & Altcoin Markets

The Bitcoin Group Jan 24th Iran Has a Bitcoin Strategy to Beat Trump’s Maximum Pressure… Exchanges Hold More Bitcoin Than Ever as Coinbase Wallet Nears 1M BTC… Bitcoin’s Privacy and Scaling Tech…

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