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Vaultoro referral program relaunch

We’re Proud to Announce our Referral Program Relaunch

One of the most popular features at Vaultoro over the years has been our referral program. Users spreading the world about us has been a …

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VAULT Club Membership Tokens

We have been operating Bitcoin’s first physical gold order book exchange worldwide for almost 5 years now. Finally, it’s time to give something back to …

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The Best Safe Havens for Investors

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto released the bitcoin whitepaper, the cryptocurrency has been finding its place in the global economy. And as the asset matures, analysts …

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Crypto Hedging Strategies: Fiat vs Commodities

One of the most volatile markets in the world, cryptocurrency investors need strong hands to hold on during price swings that can shake out all …

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The Future of the Lightning Network – Expert Interview Part II

Last week we were busy moderating the lectures of Bitcoin Lightning Hackday #3. Besides the very interesting keynotes from Blockstream and RGB Project, the general …

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The Future of the Lightning Network – Expert Interview Part I

Introduction – The Future of Digital Trade Will Bitcoin be the future of money? Will Bitcoin Lightning Network micropayments be the new digital cash? Many …

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Security: Best Practice To Secure My Online Account

One of Vaultoro’s main goals: Be your own bank. Achieving the state of bank independence requires some actions from the users to make sure that …

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DASH DAO invests in Vaultoro to launch Gold to DASH trading pair

We are very excited and proud to announce that the Dash DAO has accepted our proposal to implement a DASH to gold bullion trading pair. …

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6 Reasons To Own Physical Gold – Part 2

In Part 1 we already discussed the role of gold as (1) a historical store of value, as (2) a successor in times of financial …

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Vaultoro Becomes The First Exchange To Implement Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments

Berlin / London, 4 May 2018. Traders at Vaultoro can deposit Bitcoins instantly and free World’s first exchange to implement Bitcoin Lightning Network Next iteration: …

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