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Vaultoro Platinum Precious Metals

Has the Time Come to Invest in Platinum?

Given the current market circumstances, people may be looking at other precious metals to invest in. For some platinum is a better bet than gold …

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Vaultoro Digital Gold Weak US Dollar

“Stronger” US Dollar Pushes Gold Price Below $1,870

There are many people who remain bullish on gold and silver despite the current price momentum. For reasons unknown, the entire world sees the US …

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Vaultoro new API now live

Our Updated API is Live and Ready to Use

We’ve been updating a lot of things here at Vaultoro lately and the latest in that list is our API. With our new API you …

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Vaultoro Gold Derivatives

Are Gold Derivatives Right for you?

Gold derivatives can provide exposure to bullion without owning the metal itself. An appealing option for some, although not everyone sees it that way. There …

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Vaultoro FinCEN Gold Crime

FinCEN Claims Your Phone or Car may Have Funded Criminal Operations

FinCEN often has contrarian views on financial matters. When it comes to gold, the organization is convinced there is a clear link to drug gangs. …

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Vaultoro Gold Price dip Christopher Woods

Gold Price Takes a hit but CitiBank Analysts Stick by $2,200 an ounce in December

It has not been a good start to the week for gold and silver. Precious metals prices are falling across the board, and risk going …

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Vaultoro how gold dealers make money

4 Examples of how Gold Dealers Make Money

One question people ask themselves is how gold dealers make money. It is a very simple question, but one that has a rather complex answer. …

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Vaultoro Price of Gold

The Price of Gold in India and China Remains Cheaper Than the Market Value

The price of gold in India is often different from the rest in the world. Given the current circumstances, that situation may not change anytime …

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Vaultoro Africa Illicit Gold Trading

Illicit Gold Trading Remains a Major Issue in Parts of Africa

Illicit gold trading remains a pressing problem in various African nations. A recent report by IMPACT confirms this activity is still taking place today. Cleaning …

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Vaultoro Fed Minutes Bleak Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Once Again Fails to Address Future Stimulus, Gold Remains the Best bet

It has been another mixed bag of news for the financial sector. Despite a positive outlook by the Federal Reserve, there are no concrete developments …

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