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What Makes A Project An Infrastructure Project?

One should never take the potential of blockchain technology lightly. However, there is a big difference between creating a viable decentralized ledger and providing an …

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What Is A Network Effect And Why Does it Matter?

There are many different ways for products and services to gain traction in the financial sector. The most obvious way is by building something people …

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Can Bitcoin Become A Store Of Value?

Depending on whom you pose the question to, bitcoin can be many things. Most see it as a speculative asset, whereas others think of BTC …

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Can Sidechains And Payment Channels Solve Blockchain Scalability Issues?

The world of blockchain technology is vast and filled with interesting ideas and concepts. To scale the blockchain and make it suited for mass adoption, …

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What Is A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) And Why Does It Matter?

Blockchain technology and smart contract technology allow for the creation of autonomous governance. Often referred to as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, these concepts introduce …

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The Magic Behind Asset Allocation and Diversification

In the financial world, there is no way to make money without exposing oneself to risk. How significant that risk factor is will significantly depend …

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What Is An Automated Market Maker (AMM) And How Does It Work?

People who pay close attention to decentralized finance will come across the term AMM or Automated Market Maker. It is a very intriguing concept that …

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What Is A Short Squeeze In Cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency industry, and by extension, all financial markets, have a lot of jargon. For newcomers, some of these terms may seem overwhelming, yet they …

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The Standard Token Pre-Market Distribution for verified Vaultoro customers

The Standard is a new decentralized finance protocol that will bring a mix of cryptocurrencies and precious metals to DeFi. The native TST token will …

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What Is DeFi Lending And Which Providers Are There?

The world of decentralized finance has been heating up over the past few months. It is a fascinating market segment for users who want to …

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