Can You Still Pan Gold in Rivers?

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 Everyone on this planet would love to find gold one day or another. The chances of doing so are slim to none, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking into. Especially people looking to pan gold in rivers have a few options to explore. 

Where to Pan Gold in a River?

It is evident that, despite the sheer number of rivers around the world, very few of them actually contain gold. In theory, they all should, but that is simply not how things work. When exploring potential panning locations, always try to go for a place where gold has been found prior.

During the gold rush of yore, there have been thousands of locations where gold was found. More often than not, those operations are located near a river. Extracting ore requires access to water, preferably in decent quantities. Rocks need to be washed, either by hand or by machine.

Citizens of the United States have quite a few options to pan gold. Rivers in Utah, Oregon, North Carolina, Maine, and Vermont can all provide decent results. No one will get rich from panning gold in a river today. However, it can be a valuable learning experience, or a fun trip for families. 

One option to look into is joining the Gold Prospectors Association of America. It is an official organization that can help enthusiasts who want to pan gold in rivers across the country. A lot of valuable information can be gathered simply from being  a member. 

What to Look for Exactly

Simply stepping into the river willy-nilly will always yield disappointing results. There are key “areas” to look for to pan in a river. A collection of big rocks, for example, can serve as a gold trapping point. The same goes for log jams, spaces between boulders, and the inside corners of rivers where water has a different speed compared to the rest of the stream. 

Once you obtain a full pan of the material, simply start removing the excess. Plants, weeds, and sticks will not trap any gold. Simply put the pan underwater, saturate the remains, and keep repeating the process until black sand remains. Assuming this is the case, one may have found actual gold by now. 

Don’t be disheartened if nothing shiny pops up. Panning for gold is a painstaking game of patience. Moreover, don’t be fooled by the first shiny speck either. There are several materials to be found in rivers, and they can all be panned with relative ease.

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