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Vaultoro Turkey Gold Production

Turkey Wants to Ramp up Domestic Gold Production to 100 Tons Annually by 2025

Turkey is one of the many countries exploring untapped gold reserves. This has become a growing trend all over the world. Tapping into these reserves …

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Vaultoro Wales Gold Mining

A new Minor Gold Rush is Kicking off in Wales

Many people have wondered if and when the next gold rush is likely to occur. As it turns out, Wales may prove a rather interesting …

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Vaultoro Philippines Gold Violence

Untapped Gold Reserves in the Philippines may Trigger Another Violent Outburst

Gold has always been a very intriguing precious metal. Even before this year’s massive price increase, bullion has captured the imagination of many. In the …

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Vaultoro US Unemployment Benefits Gold

What is the Correlation Between US Unemployment Benefits and Gold?

The current US unemployment benefits situation remains worrisome, although it seems to stabilize a bit. Despite an indication of things improving, the number of claims …

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Vaultoro Brexit Gold

Will Brexit Affect the Gold Price?

Macroeconomic events will often trigger consequences for various financial markets. The Brexit will have an impact on gold and other precious metals, albeit not in …

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Vaultoro Gold Mine Solar Power

This Zimbabwean Gold Mine Will tap Into Solar Power

Even gold mines can still improve their operations by embracing new technologies. In Zimbabwe, there is always an abundance of sunlight throughout most of the …

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Vaultoro Gold Extraction Gold Market

Sideways Gold Market Momentum is as Good as Bullish Uptrend

The current gold market momentum has not offered much relief. Albeit not many people expected a sudden price reversal, the overall gold market value keeps …

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Vaultoro Why is Gold Valuable?

A Brief History on Gold

Gold has a very special place in society, yet very few people know how it all began. Understanding the history of this precious metal can …

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Vaultoro Gold Mutual Fund Gold Market

Potential ECB Stimulus may Push Gold Market Higher Next Week

The coming weeks will undoubtedly prove rather interesting for the god market. Several factors are at play once again, and the ECB may be the …

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Vaultoro Gold Price dip Christopher Woods

Gold Price Continues Sideways Action Ahead of US Unemployment Report

Whereas a lot of people expected prominent gold price momentum, the momentum seems rather subdued. No real gains or losses have been recorded, confirming the …

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