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Vaultoro Inflation Gold

What is the Correlation Between Inflation and Gold?

Many people often wonder how inflation influences the price of precious metals. When inflation reaches worrisome levels, the value of gold and silver tends to …

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Vaultoro US Dollar Overvalued

The US Dollar Remains Overvalued Compared to Other Currencies

Many people expected the US economy to improve in the near future. Looking at what is happening in the real world, that outlook seems rather …

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Vaultoro Gold Mines Ounces

4 Gold Mines With Over 23 Million Ounces Waiting to be dug up

Running a successful gold mining operation is not easy. it all comes down to finding the right location and keeping overhead costs down. The following …

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Vaultoro Silver Bullish

Gold Price Remains Subdued as Silver Starts to Look Bullish Again

Contrary to what most people may have expected, the current gold price is not trending higher right away. In fact, it seems the world’s leading …

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Vaultoro Creating Gold Nuclear Reaction

Can Gold be Created Artificially?

Gold is a precious metal that can only be found in certain places around the world. Producing this metal in a lab would certainly be …

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Vaultoro Owning Gold Price BoA Gold Bars

Indian Officials Arrest 8 Criminals Smuggling Over 500 Gold Bars

Smuggling gold and other precious metals is always a risky endeavor. Over 500 gold bars have been confiscated by India’s Directorate of Revenue and Intelligence …

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Vaultoro Gold Mining Peru Novel Coronavirus

How Much Gold has Been Mined to Date?

Gold is often portrayed as a very scarce precious metal. While that is true to a certain extent, vast amounts of ore have been mined …

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Vaultoro Jerome Powell Gold

Jerome Powell Speech Fails to Push Gold Below $1,900

Contrary to what most people had hoped for, the gold price momentum remains bearish. Following the Jerome Powell speech, things have not improved at all. …

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Vaultoro Gold Investing Beginner's Guide

The Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Gold

Investing in gold – or any other market – should never be done without the proper preparations. Following some basic steps is crucial, and doing …

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Vaultoro Archaeology Gold Coins

Israeli Archaeology Site Unveils 1,100-year-old Gold Coins

Even though there is plenty of gold being extracted from the earth, coming across a rare find remains exciting. In Israel, 425 gold coins have …

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