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Vaultoro Gold Jewelry india China

China’s Discount on Gold Hits $100 per Ounce as Consumer Demand Weakens Further

The demand for gold has been dwindling in China since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Today, this situation has not improved in the slightest. One positive …

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Vaultoro Gold Price Recovery

Gold Price Recovers Quickly as Market Favors Safe Haven Assets

Even though it has not been a good week for gold price enthusiasts, the future outlook hasn’t changed much. There are still plenty of reasons …

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Vaultoro Gold Coins Collecting

Which Gold Coins are Good for Collecting?

People looking to invest in gold have many different options to explore. Buying bullion directly is one option, but so are gold coins. There are …

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Vaultoro Coronavirus Vaccine Bitcoin Gold

Putin’s Dubious Coronavirus Vaccine Sends Gold and Bitcoin Prices Down the Drain

Today has not been a good day for precious metal and cryptocurrecy markets. All of these assets are going in the deep red following the …

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Vaultoro Gold pan River

Can You Still Pan Gold in Rivers?

 Everyone on this planet would love to find gold one day or another. The chances of doing so are slim to none, but that doesn’t …

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Vaultoro Owning Gold Price BoA Gold Bars

Chinese Woman Carrying Gold and Cash Sent Back to Canada After Illegally Crossing US Border

Handling gold in a physical manner is often a logistical nightmare for consumers. Moving gold coins and bars around is a tedious job. One Chinese …

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Vaultoro Gold ETFs

Are Gold ETFs Safe?

Investing in gold can be achieved through a wide variety of methods. Some prefer to buy the physical or digital metal itself, whereas others prefer …

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3 Reasons why $2,000 is Only the Beginning for Gold

The past few days have yielded some extremely bullish gold price momentum. With the value per ounce now surpassing $2,025, the future looks bright. Several …

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Vaultoro Gold Rush Panning

When Will the Next Gold Rush Occur?

Looking back in history, the gold rushes of the 19th and 20th century are the stuff of legends.  Many people are wondering when there will …

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Vaultoro Gold Abramovich China India Loans

XAU Price Remains Bullish Despite Abramovich Sell-off and China’s Weak Demand, Gold Loans Pop Off in India

Numerous developments are taking place behind the scenes of the gold industry What would otherwise have had a bearish effect on the market is now …

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