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Segwit2X And Bitcoin Cash Update

Segwit 2x Last week, the Segwit2x team announced they would no longer support the project, but a small number of miners may attempt to fork …

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Some Crazy Facts About Bitcoin INFOGRAPHIC

Every so often someone makes a really cool infographic. We thought this one was good enough to publish. Infographic by the good folks at

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Bitcoin Reaches Unit-for-Unit Parity with Gold

Even at the climax of the epic 2013 rally, the enigmatic cryptocurrency – bitcoin was never able to reach price parity with an ounce of …

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5 Reasons Why Putting Gold Onto A Blockchain Is A Bad Idea

I often get told that it would be great to put gold on the blockchain and have 1gram of gold represent 1 token that I …

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What Makes Bitcoin Better Than Paper Money?

This question is like asking why is the internet better than an old dusty library of books guarded by a gaggle of old corrupt librarians! …

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China Part Of Special Drawing Rights: Bullish For Bitcoin

The Chinese Renminbi has been approved by the IMF to be a part of the basket of currencies that make up the Special Drawing Rights …

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Is trading the BTC/GOLD pair safer than trading an altcoin pair?

While some alts are legitimate, a lot of alt coins are scam pump and dump schemes and it takes constant research to make sure they …

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We Are Live!

Finally you can trade gold and bitcoin and take advantage of a this new exciting market. Instead of going the complicated road of buying physical …

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