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Hand protecting gold with Vaultoro logo in the background

What Really Moves the Gold Market?

Zoom out far enough, and the gold chart becomes a steady ascent over thousands of years. But on a shorter time frame, the price is …

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The Best Safe Havens for Investors

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto released the bitcoin whitepaper, the cryptocurrency has been finding its place in the global economy. And as the asset matures, analysts …

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Crypto Hedging Strategies: Fiat vs Commodities

One of the most volatile markets in the world, cryptocurrency investors need strong hands to hold on during price swings that can shake out all …

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The Golden Safe Haven For April Crypto Boom

Dear Vaultorians, Wanted to send you an April update. Vaultoro sponsoring the BOLT-A-THON online hackathon/Conference The Bolt-A-Thon is the world’s first online Lightning Network conference …

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6 Reasons To Own Physical Gold – Part 2

In Part 1 we already discussed the role of gold as (1) a historical store of value, as (2) a successor in times of financial …

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6 Reasons To Own Physical Gold – Part 1

One of the major reasons for investing in bullion: Gold lasts forever. Here are the economic and physical reasons why gold is a reliable savings …

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5 Reasons Why Putting Gold Onto A Blockchain Is A Bad Idea

I often get told that it would be great to put gold on the blockchain and have 1gram of gold represent 1 token that I …

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Golden bitcoins and chinese flag.

Gold Demand in China Is Rising Due To Investment Trading Opportunities

The gold industry is constantly undergoing changes these days. China has been importing more gold than ever before, thanks to new banking deals to lease …

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The bank district of central London, United Kingdom

Central Banks Expected To Push Gold Price Down – New Trading Opportunities Arise

For those investors who are keeping part of their portfolio in gold and other precious metals, the lack of market activity may have them concerned. …

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Investors Turn To Gold As Japanese Yen Continues Bullrun

People who have been paying close attention to the financial markets as of late may have noticed the situation affecting the Japanese Yen. This particular …

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