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Vaultoro Gold Rush Panning

When Will the Next Gold Rush Occur?

Looking back in history, the gold rushes of the 19th and 20th century are the stuff of legends.  Many people are wondering when there will …

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Vaultoro Gold Abramovich China India Loans

XAU Price Remains Bullish Despite Abramovich Sell-off and China’s Weak Demand, Gold Loans Pop Off in India

Numerous developments are taking place behind the scenes of the gold industry What would otherwise have had a bearish effect on the market is now …

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Vaultoro Gold Surge Political Tensions

Gold Hits $1,900 an Ounce as US-China Tensions Flare up and US Dollar Weakens

Those who have kept a close eye on the market will not be too surprised with the current gold price trend. It was merely a …

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Vaultoro Russia Gold Sales Q2

Russia’s Q2 Gold Sales Vastly Outweigh Gas Export Profits

Contrary to most other assets and commodities, precious metals have performed rather well. Their demand has not decreased by much, as is evident from Russia’s sales alone.

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Vaultoro Precious Metals Catalyst

4 Upcoming Catalysts Capable of Catapulting Precious Metals Higher

Pumping more helicopter money into the European economy is not a long-term solution It will drive more people to precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

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Vaultoro Gold India China

Physical Gold Premiums Rise in India, China Offers Discounted Bullion

The situation in India is rather unique, especially when comparing it to China. In that part of the world, gold is being sold at a discount, instead of a premium.

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Vaultoro Gold 1800 Bull Trend

Gold Surpasses $1,800 an Ounce but a Selloff Remains Highly Unlikely

It is very likely that most will simply hold onto their gold in search of even higher values. There is no real reason for anyone to take profit right now.

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Vaultoro Silver Bullish Gold

Silver may Hit $20 Before Gold Breaks Above $1,900 due to Difference in Industrial Demand

Silver has a leg up over gold, as it has a much higher demand from industrial uses. That alone can easily elevate the silver price to $19 and higher in the weeks to come.

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Vaultoro Bullish Mining Stocks Warren Buffett

Mining Stocks Follow the Bullish Trend for Gold and Silver

This trend affecting mining stocks is not tied to one or two companies either. All of the companies involved in mining precious metals have seen a significant boost since March of 2020

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Vaultoro Gold Bull Trend 2020

Saxo Bank Official Expects a Bullish Gold Trend During Second Half of 2020

Reaching a value of $1,800 per gold ounce as a stable level is merely a matter of time. A new all-time high is still within reach in the next 18-36 months.

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