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Vaultoro Egypt new Gold Deposit

Egypt may be Home to a Gold Deposit Worth $1.8 Billion

Located in the mineral-rich Eastern Desert, it will be interesting to see how much gold it can effectively produce. There are still some questions as to how the deposit’s size has been measured exactly.

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Vaultoro Gold US Economy Jobs

4 Events That may Push Gold Beyond $1,800 an Ounce Next Week

Several macroeconomic developments may have a direct, or indirect influence on the price of this precious metal. A new price surge is not out of the question.

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Vaultoro Owning Gold Price BoA Gold Bars

Physical Gold Premiums Start Hitting Double Digits, Bullish Price Trend Remains in Place

As the gold supply remains lower than the demand, paying a higher premium will be the only course of action until normalcy ensues.

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Vaultoro Gold Safe Haven COVID-19

Looming Second COVID-19 Infection Wave Fuels Demand for Gold as a Safe Haven, Five-digit Price Potential

A new price projection was offered by Myrmikan Capital founder Dan Oliver. He expects the Fed’s balance sheet to trigger a massive demand for gold as a safe haven asset

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Vaultoro Goldman Sachs Gold Silver

Even Goldman Sachs Analysts Turn Bullish on Gold and Silver

Goldman Sachs analysts recently shared their outlook on the gold market. Forecasting a bullish gold trend is remarkable, but necessary given the current circumstances.

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Vaultoro Gold Theft Colombia

Criminals Steal a Massive Doré bar From Major Gold Mine in Colombia

Thankfully, none of the personnel on site were injured during this armed robbery. Local sources make no mention of any shots being fired or anyone being treated roughly

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Vaultoro Australia Gold Mining

Sierra Metals’ Cusi Mine News is Bullish for the Silver Market

As multiple veins extend over 300 meters in length in close proximity to existing operations, the Cusi Mine is far from a done deal.

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Uzbekistan Will Ramp up its Gold Production by 2026

More demand for gold is likely to materialize in the industrial segment, but that won’t translate to a higher price point right away. The second half of 2020 will be crucial to keep an eye on

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Vaultoro Gold Silver Volatility

Demand for Silver Outpaces Gold as Precious Metals Production Ramps up Again

The trends depicted by both gold and silver are similar in many ways. Volatility during the first four months of the year has been overcome successfully

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Vaultoro New Zealand Helicopter Money

New Zealand Mulls Using Helicopter Money Despite Having Zero Gold Reserves

While it is true that COVID-19 has created havoc among economies worldwide, there have to be better solutions than printing money out of thin air.

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