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Vaultoro Japan Stimulus Package

Japan Announces A new $930 Billion Stimulus Package

For consumers, this means that their purchasing power will keep decreasing over time. Companies, on the other hand, will be forced to spend more money on their end.

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Vaultoro US China Politics Gold

Strenuous US-China Relationship Paves the way for a Higher Gold Price

During times of uncertainty, precious metals tend to become more popular, and by default, rise in value. This is especially visible when looking at the prices of both gold and silver.

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Turkey Cuts Interest Rates for the Ninth Time, Gold Reserves Reach a new High

Economists are convinced that this latest rate cut is a direct result of the Turkish Lira bouncing back strongly. When it hit record lows earlier in May, there was some genuine concern

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Vaultoro Gold Silver Ratio

Gold and Silver Will Appreciate in Value Regardless of a new Coronavirus Wave

One thing that is certain is how the pandemic has been beneficial to precious metal markets. Gold’s price has bounced back strongly after dropping to the low $1,260 range.

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Vaultoro Gold Scammers

The Stars Align Neatly for a Major Gold Price Surge

It is the first time in history that so much “extra money” is brought into circulation in quick succession. No one knows what the consequences will be.

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Vaultoro Coronavirus Second Wave Gold Silver

Fears Over a Second Coronavirus Infection Wave Push Gold and Silver Prices Higher

This is already becoming apparent across nations that seemingly thwarted the coronavirus outbreak. South Korea and China deal with a rise in overall infections,

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Vaultoro Australia Gold Mining

Australia Will Overtake China as the World’s Leading Gold Producer

If the price keeps rising like it did over the past 18 months, Australia might overtake China even sooner than originally expected.

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Vaultoro Gold Price Futures Coornavirus

Phil Streible Expects a Downturn for Gold and Stocks Markets

He does expect there to be some noteworthy leaps in terms of foreign currency growth. That momentum may very well hinge on who issues future stimulus packages.

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Vaultoro Owning Gold Price BoA Gold Bars

Gold Will Become Invaluable to Central Banks Following the Coronavirus Crisis

The bigger question is whether or not banks are even in a position to consider the selling of such assets, given their current balance sheets.

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Vaultoro Swiss Gold Refineries

2 Swiss Gold Refineries Prepare to Resume Normal Business Operations

Valcambi and Argor process roughly 1,500 tonnes of gold on a yearly basis. When looking at the global supply per annum, that represents near 33%.

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