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Vaultoro Iran Gold Market

Iran Shuts Down its Gold Market a Second Time in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a thorough impact on the daily lives of consumers. In Iran, it will also affect the physical gold market. Due …

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Vaultoro COVID-19 Precious Metals Base Metals

COVID-19 Hasn’t Diminished Precious Metals and Base Metals Project Development

When the prices of precious metals increase, there is a shockwave throughout the entire industry. Following the recent increase in value for gold and silver, …

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Vaultoro Precious Metals Catalyst

These 3 Precious Metals can be Worthwhile Investments Besides Gold and Silver

Investing in precious metal can only be done with the necessary knowledge. Most speculators only look at gold and silver. However, there are a few …

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Vaultoro LBMA Conflict Producers Letter

LBMC Issues Strict Guidelines to Address Conflict Producers of Gold

Big changes are coming to the gold industry. Conflict producers of precious metals will soon find themselves blacklisted by the biggest gold market authority. This …

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Vaultoro Gold Safe Haven Assets COVID-19

Don’t Discount Gold yet as COVID-19 Will Only Grow Worse

The price of gold has seen some wild fluctuations over the past few months. Even today, hopes over a COVID-19 vaccine seem to suppress market …

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Vaultoro Pfizer COVID-19 Gold price

Gold Price Recovers Quickly Despite Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Claims

Whether one wants to admit it or not, the world is still in the firm grip of COVID-9. Pfizer claims it has come up with …

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Vaultoro Price of Gold

Will Gold Follow Bitcoin’s Uptrend and Note a new Surge in Late 2020?

In recent weeks, there has been a rather spectacular Bitcoin price really. It is not uncommon for this to happen, yet this run seems to …

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Vaultoro Platinum Precious Metals

Will Platinum Surpass Gold’s Value Again in 2021?

Over the past few years, there have been multiple people showing an interest in platinum as an investment. For some, the value of this precious …

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Vaultoro Credit Suisse Gold Price

Credit Suisse Analysts Confirm Gold’s Push to $2,300 Remains Intact

Even though there is a growing lack of financial certainty, gold continues to perform quite well. In fact, the Credit Suisse team is convinced things …

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Vaultoro Gold Safe Haven Assets COVID-19

What Makes Gold one of the Safe Haven Assets?

For years, people have been talking about gold as a safe haven asset. To those familiar with finance, that saying makes a lot of sense. …

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