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Vaultoro Gold Standard

When did the Gold Standard Come to an end?

In the United States, it took much longer to embrace the gold standard. In fact, it wasn’t introduced until the Gold Standard Act of 1900.

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Welcome To Negative Trading Fees

Earn negative trading fees when trading on vaultoro.

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Staying safe avoiding physical contact!

Allocated Gold’s Advantage Over Gold at home in the Post-Pandemic World

During the current global coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis, the uncertainty surrounding hyperinflation and bank default fears has raised the importance of harder and …

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Light ⚡️nite Vaultoro game skin

Vaultoro Is In The First Lighting Network Game

The First Lighting Network Game Vaultoro has been deeply involved in promoting and supporting the bitcoin Network Game. was the first exchange in the world …

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Vaultoro Sponsors Julia Büsselberg

Olympian Sailor Julia Büsselberg As She Goes For Gold

Olympian Sailor Julia Büsselberg In 2019 Vaultoro started to sponsor a young athlete that we saw had great potential to become one of the greatest …

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Closed Steel vault

When And How To Invest In Gold

Invest in gold Dear Vaultoro customers, unfortunately, we all live in extremely uncertain times. And the so-called “markets” in particular are also showing signs of …

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Physical gold dealers are ceasing operations.

Physical Gold Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Switzerland has declare a state of emergency. Due to the bans from leaving home, Argor Heraeus and Valcambi, …

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Artificial intelligence and technical analysis

New AI Technical Analysis Tools

New AI Technical Analysis Tools We have added easy to read AI Technical analysis indicators to Vaultoro! If you have a look in the widgets …

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Arabic walls in Iran

Bitcoin in times of crises

In times of crises it is pointless to say what the exact value is. It is whatever people are willing to pay. But we are …

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Own a piece of Vaultoro

Help shape the future of digital assets with us.We have partnered with Bnk to the Future to offer our community the unique opportunity to own shares of …

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