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Vaultoro Becomes The First Exchange To Implement Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments

Berlin / London, 4 May 2018. Traders at Vaultoro can deposit Bitcoins instantly and free World’s first exchange to implement Bitcoin Lightning Network Next iteration: …

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Vaultoro Community Coin / Token Application Form

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSerHzoUb8TrQBefzoHKbNqCuY10E1x2hIFutPjwhTr-xk7Uaw/viewform” query=”embedded=true” width=”760″ height=”1700″ /]

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Latest Pro Aurum statement

Happy New Year all! Due to our priority over security than everything else we compartmentalise everything on the system in terms of staff privileges. People …

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Bitcoin Cash is here

We are happy to announce Bitcoin Cash withdrawals on Vaultoro. We are making Bitcoin Cash withdrawals available within the next 24 hours to all users …

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Segwit2X and Bitcoin Cash Update

Segwit 2x Last week, the Segwit2x team announced they would no longer support the project, but a small number of miners may attempt to fork …

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German gold expert joins

We are happy to announce that the former chairman of German Precious Metals Association (Deutsche Edelmetall-Gesellschaft e.V., DEG), Waldemar Meyer, is joining our team as …

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Frankfurt based FinLab AG makes seven-figure investment in Vaultoro

Frankfurt/London, September 8, 2017. FinLab AG (ISIN: DE0001218063; Ticker: A7A.GR) is set to make a seven-figure investment in London-based Fintech Vaultoro Limited, the leading real-time …

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Vaultoro after the fork

Depositing and withdrawing of Bitcoin is enabled by now, all functions are restored back to normal Dear users, The hardfork that occurred on 1 August …

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Vaultoro Segwit Statment

Dear users, as most of you know, 1. of August is approaching. The deadline where miners and users of the Bitcoin network together decide on …

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Vaultoro CEO Joshua Scigala Interviewed By Genesis Mining

I was asked to come into Genisis Mining headquarters in Munich Germany to be on their expert interviews youtube series. [youtube] Jump to chapter: …

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