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Vaultoro Clients Secured From Bail-ins & Everything Else.

So by now most in the bitcoin community know that one of the largest bitcoin exchanges (Bitfinex) was hacked and the thieves got away with …

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Mobile Bitcoin Broker TabTrader Integrates Vaultoro API

In this day and age of mobile devices, a lot of traders are looking for professional platforms supporting their smart devices. TabTrader should be on …

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50% off trading fees for our 1st birthday!

To celebrate our anniversary, Vaultoro is giving everyone 50% off all trading fees for 30 days. With the new reduced 0.25% trading fee, Vaultoro is …

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Trading Bot C.A.T integrates the Vaultoro API

Our Api is still in BETA but people are already building awesome applications for mobile phones and desktops to easily trade, save or spend gold …

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One million and updates

Big thanks to you! We reached $1.000.000 USD in gold trading volume and our user base is growing each day. Open Talent Award 2015 Coming …

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0 network confirmations for deposits now on

For the last 6 years it has been a normal part of bitcoin to wait 6 confirmations (about one hour) before you could truly trust …

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Fund your Vaultoro trading account with altcoins is the best place to trade bitcoin and physically assigned gold. But up until now there has been no place for people holding altcoins …

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Introducing the Vaultoro API

From today, anyone in the world can start building amazing apps that utilise the Vaultoro trading engine. Programmers all over the world are welcome build …

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Public audit now available for everyone

Today we made our audit available to the public through our front page. There is one major reason to make the audit public: Transparency To …

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Vaultoro partners with Factom

Vaultoro + Factom Announce Collaboration Vaultoro and Factom Collaborate to Make Gold Market Transparent Media release Austin, TX – March 25th, 2015 and Factom …

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