Simply vote for a coin to be listed on Vaultoro

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Vote for a coin to be listed on the exchange and check out our 2020 roadmap.

How to list a crypto token on the Vaultoro bitcoin exchange? 
  • First thing, you have to vote for a coin to be listed
  • Secondly, sharing this page in your telegrams, discords or subreddit pages
  • Finally, get your community to do the same
Why vote for a coin to be listed?
Most importantly, voting gives us an idea of how passionate your community is about the coin. If a coin that’s voted for gets listed we will put a bunch of resources into marketing the new pairs. We will be adding the best coins to the exchange between the roadmap features so make your voice heard. SO VOTE NOW.
About Vaultoro
Vaultoro forged the way as being the
first gold / bitcoin exchange in the world. The exchange is one of the oldest operating exchanges in the world, launching at the beginning of 2015. We were the first bitcoin exchange to become radically transparent. The “Glass books protocol” (invented by Joshua & Philip Scigala) enables anyone the ability to audit Vaultoro and prove the exchange is at 100% reserve.
We are proud to have been the first exchange in the world to implement the lightning network.
Below are the milestones we are working on. Peppered between these milestones, we will be adding other crypto assets that get the most votes.
Our Dev team are constantly adding little features that make life easier. If you think of a feature you would like please vote for it
 We will also offer negative trading fees on all newly listed coins.
To conclude, we and continue to make trading gold and crypto easy and convenient. 

Register a free space in a top-tier Swiss vaulting facility

and trade private crypto with private gold. Bank independantly, fully audited and fully insured.

2020 roadmap

API 2.0

The Vaultoro API will enable all the amazing tools and trading bots people are building.


After launching Vaultoro 2.0 we have had to wait for the new API to be able to offer the new transparency protocol that vaultoro is famous for.


One of the biggest requests we have had since the start of Vaultoro was to add physical silver. 


Ethereum and all the interesting defi projects surrounding it will be able to hedge into physical, insured and audited gold and silver bullion!


The top voted coins will be added to Vaultoro so they can be traded with gold and with other cryptos.


A lot of people don’t want the complexity of a market but would rather have a simple buy and sell gold button. the Over The Counter feature will enable people to do this.


Vaultoro’s exchange token will be used as a key to features and specials. With utility built in to make it one of the most exciting defi projects out there.


“Compete against other traders in trading competitions to win extra gold and awesome prizes. Take part in different events and leagues to be the local or global champion & claim bragging rights & the gold!”


While Vaultoro works on mobile devices, it’s not the perfect experience. Our dedicated mobile app will enable anyone to trade on the go with a beautifully designed mobile experience. 


Vaultoro’s Gold backed stablecoin has been in the works for 2 years chewing through all the legal and technical mumbo jumbo to build a real solid gold backed crypto.

Vote for your favorite crypto to get it listed on the exchange
Vaultoro buy and sell gold bullion with bitcoin and crypto
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