Vaultoro CEO Joshua Scigala Interviewed By Genesis Mining


I was asked to come into Genisis Mining headquarters in Munich Germany to be on their expert interviews youtube series.


Jump to chapter:

00:01 Introduction
01:00 Why did you build a Bitcoin to Gold Exchange?
02:28 MtGox and Blockchain transparency in the crypto-industry
04:20 What is Fiat Money and why was it invented?
06:00 Economic theory experimentations with Cryptocurrencies
07:45 Market supply & demand and the rise of Bitcoin (Demurrage)
09:00 What is value regarding gold, barter and fiat money

The Characteristics of money:
Fiat money, Gold and Bitcoin: Features and Challenges

11:25 Durability and how cryptography is changing it
13:20 Portability in the information age
15:10 Divisibility of fiat micro payments and digital digits
16:50 Fungibility, ownership and distribution
20:00 Anonymity as legitimate business applications
21:30 Scarcity in terms of decentralised and deflationary assets
24:45 Security in terms of counterfeiting and faking value

I would highly recommend some of their other expert interviews like Erik Vorhees of shapeshift.

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