Fund your Vaultoro trading account with altcoins

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Share on telegram is the best place to trade bitcoin and physically assigned gold. But up until now there has been no place for people holding altcoins to do the same.

From today anyone can use their Dash, litecoin, dogecoin and many other top altcoins to fund their trading account.

The process is made super simple by the magic of We have incorporated their amazing technology directly into so you never have to leave the deposit page, making it super seamless and easy.

Simply log into your Vaultoro account,

go to the Deposit/Withdrawal page and click on the blue “Deposit with altcoins” button.

A popup will appear with the Shapeshift interface. We have automatically added your vaultoro bitcoin deposit address and all you have to do is choose the altcoin you wish to use and then send the coins to the address provided by Shapeshift.

Choose the altcoin you wish to send with

Then simply click the green submit button.
The screen will then show you a QR code and address that you should send your coins to. Shapeshift does have a limit which is displayed on this page, be sure not to go over that limit in 1 transaction.

Shapeshift waits for one network confirmation from most altcoins so just be patient.

Once it is finished and sent you can close the little pop up window.

You will now see your newly converted altcoin come into Vaultoro as bitcoin.
Please wait for 6 network confirmations and you’re ready to trade!

And there you have it. Shapeshift converts your altcoins to bitcoin and automatically sends the bitcoin to your deposit address.

Happy trading! 🙂

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