German gold expert joins

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We are happy to announce that the former chairman of German Precious Metals Association (Deutsche Edelmetall-Gesellschaft e.V., DEG), Waldemar Meyer, is joining our team as Vice President European Operations. Waldemar (40) is a renowned expert in the German speaking gold market with a far reaching network.

He will be responsible for identifying worldwide procurement routes for developing the new and innovative Vaultoro multi asset platform. With his profound knowledge, we will be able to provide our customers more possibilities in vaulting precious metals worldwide.

Joshua Scigala, co-founder of Vaultoro: “Waldemar Meyer is an expert in sales and public affairs. With his solid track record in fast growing companies he will represent Vaultoro to important stakeholders in business and politics. Getting such an expert on board, with this reputation in the market, is an important asset for Vaultoro. We will greatly benefit from his seniority.”

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