The OTC Desk also lets you buy gold with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash & more

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Our otc desk enables anyone to trade bitcoin & gold in larger amounts directly with us.
If you are an investor wanting to buy gold OTC bitcoin trading, simply fill out the form below to get a quote.
What is an OTC trade?

OTC stands for over the counter. That means people don’t add orders to an orderbook that could shift the price if the volume exceeds the orderbook. Rather they place 1 large order with a single third party that locks in a price for the whole deal. As a result, OTC bitcoin trading enable a party to liquidate larger trades quickly and at a single price.

Why did we decide to offer OTC?
Vaultoro clients have traded bitcoin with gold since 2015 using the Vaultoro orderbook exchange. Recently we started adding other cryptocurrencies like Dash. Some traders wanted to buy larger amounts of gold with bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other cryptos without moving the market. To enable this we are setting up an automated OTC trading desk. This will let you easily buy gold with crypto over the counter without human interaction. While we are building the full blown hands off OTC desk, we have created this easy form to handle OTC trades manually. Now you can secure larger bitcoin and other crypto profits without touching a bank.
Vaultoro customers secure most of their Gold and Silver at Brinks Switzerland. Buy gold with bitcoin OTC

To buy volumes of gold over 1kg, please fill out the OTC form below. Our head of trading will get back to you.

Depending on market conditions, OTC quotes will be sent back as a percentage above or below gold spot price as well as the crypto price. A time will be determined to execute your order at the current market prices.

Vaultoro buy and sell gold bullion with bitcoin and crypto
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