Gold Price Round Up (Apr 23)

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The gold price dipped yesterday after hitting a five-week high.

Even thought the prices dipped yesterday, the price for the week is still up 0.9 percent against the dollar, continuing a buoyant trend. Other metals are doing well too, Silver is up six percent against the dollar this week and hit an 11-month high yesterday. We look forward to introducing a bitcoin/silver market soon.

This isn’t gold or silver doing well, it’s the dollar and other major fiat currencies getting weakening due to prolonged money printing without restraint. This weakness in the dollar has helped make this quarter for gold the best in nearly 30 years.
The precious metal is priced in dollars, making it more attractive to investors when the US currency falls. is hoping that one day all gold will be priced in bitcoin, and we are the first step in this direction.

As we all know, gold is a traditional safe haven in unstable or troubled economic times but it is also a good diversification in perceived troubled economic times. Meaning even if you personally think the global economy will miraculously pull through (against all historical precedence of un-restrained money printing) you know that many savers and investors will turn to gold as they protect themselves.

We have seen a resurgence of the stock market, some say it’s a dead cat bounce and some in the mainstream media will even tell you that the good times are here to stay leading to investors jumping into more risky profits.

“The gold rally is most under threat from the resurgence in investor risk appetite. The move in stocks to fresh 2016 highs, if the run continues, may rob gold of some of the oxygen it needs to continue to rally,” HSBC said.

So as per usual different perspectives have different sentiment, with some seeing a midterm sideways consolidation.

“We are seeing people taking some profits after yesterday’s sharp gains but we are likely to stay in the $1,225-$1,275 range for the time being.” Said MKS SA chief trader Afshin Nabavi


WE are finally seeing the breakout that we have all been waiting for. Bitcoin broke through the 440 mark last week, even touching above 450 briefly on Friday before settling at around 446. It looks like bitcoin will start becoming more volatile again creating great opportunities for traders to profit from the rise in bitcoin while parking it in gold to get some sleep.

We at Vaultoro notice a lot more merchants (especially in the developing world) that accept bitcoin, hedging that volatility risk in gold instead of fiat. This is probably because fiat exchanges or bitcoin payment processors require by law a much stricter KYC framework that most people in developing countries just don’t have the paperwork to satisfy.

Gold being a good and not a currency is the same reason you don’t need to hand over KYC info if you buy a new TV or couch. In the EU (with some exceptions) anyone can buy 7500 euros a day of a good without KYC. Vaultoro enables people to buy allocated gold secured in their name as their legal property up to 5K USD worth of bitcoin/day before requiring a copy of a government ID and proof of address paperwork.
We hope that this will enable bitcoin to be a useful currency in places where it is most needed.

Joshua Scigala
Combining the historical security of gold with the speed and transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain.

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