How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Volatility

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Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Volatility

Ever since I joined the crypto scene there has been a constant companion – volatility. Coming from gold & silver as a way out of the fiat madness, the extent of volatility in the crypto-sphere was incomparable.

The constant tension in the air due to the fact that my total investment could double, triple and tenfold. The Ticker App on the smartphone as my best friend, the last Bullrun convinced so many people around me of their talent as “hodlers” that they were seriously considering going out of regular work sooner or later because of their “mad gainz”.

When the last bull run ended abruptly at the end of 2017, the very same positive volatility turned into “Hey, I could lose half 66 and 90% within a day?!?”, sleepless nights and too much caffeine were the consequences. “If I only had traded into bullion..” and “I could have bought 98 kg gold!” – the top quotes of 2018.

As we have been facing a small uptrend in recent months nobody seems to even think about the negative side of crypto volatility. This very last week everyone was facing a downtrend again. With services like in place to dodge volatility by jumping into fully allocated gold that is insured and audit there is no more “could” and “would”. Just do it to stop worrying about your investment all night long and get some peace of mind! 

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