Israeli Archaeology Site Unveils 1,100-year-old Gold Coins

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Even though there is plenty of gold being extracted from the earth, coming across a rare find remains exciting. In Israel, 425 gold coins have been dug up during an archaeological effort. The coins have not seen the light of day over the past 1,100 years. 

Ancient Gold Coins get dug up

Through archaeology, a lot of different artifacts have been brought to the surface. Sometimes it is pottery, but other times archeologists find human remains too. Coming across an actual ancient treasure is far more rare than people would like to think. That doesn’t mean they can’t be found, however, as can be seen in this particular example. Israel is a prominent place to stumble across some genuine gold coins, by the look of things. 

During a dig in central Israel, a team of volunteers stumbled across something unusual. The clay jar they discovered is a great find in itself. However, it is what is inside the jar that is of even greater interest. Several hundred gold coins were located in the jar, After tallying everything up, there are a total of 425 coins dating back several centuries. 

Most of the gold coins can be dated back to the early Islamic period. This is equal to the year 900 – 925 AD for us Westerners. Every coin has a very high weight, indicating they are extremely valuable. In the old days, coins were minted through different processes compared to what is the norm today. Finding such a valuable cache is extremely unusual. One would expect the original owner to have dug up the cache at some point. For some reason, this never happened.

Remelting was an Option

Under normal circumstances, such caches will not be found. It is very common to remelt gold coins and bars over time. Even if the previous owner passes away, their hoard would be dug up by relatives at some point. In this case, none of that took place, adding an extra layer of mystique to the whole ordeal. 

Analyzing the findings further, it turns out the cache consists of full gold dinars. Additionally, there are 270 small gold cuttings. In those days, a bigger coin was cut into smaller pieces to act as “change”. A very interesting find from a historical point of view. It makes one wonder if more of these treasures will be discovered in this region moving forward.

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