JUST IN: News about Dash and DASH/BTC

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Dear Dash community,

Time flies when you are having fun: we can’t believe it has been a WHOLE year since we implemented GOLD/DASH and DASH/BTC on Vaultoro! 

With the great news of BTC hitting an all-time high, some people are looking to exchange their BTC gains to Dash, as Dash has not made its big move yet. One of the advantages of exchanging Dash on Vaultoro.com is the negative trading fees: this means we pay you to market make (place orders in the orderbook). On top of that, there is our referral program, where you can generate gains every time one of your referrals’ trades.

We are currently boosting our DASH/BTC pair as that order book needs more action, and we would like to have the help of the DASH community. We believe Dash is powerful because of its high-quality technology and constant progress, but if we are not able to have a more active orderbook by mid-January 2021, our investors have requested the removal of the pair. Of course, we want to avoid that at all costs, that’s why we would like to push this pair and give the Dash community a chance to market make on our platform with great comfort.

Actions speak louder than words

What we are doing: We are giving all fees on this pair to the market makers. Makers will get paid 0.05% that they receive from market takers who pay 0.05%  

What you can do to earn DASH on Vaultoro: Use your referral code to promote Vaultoro to any traders you may know. By doing this you also earn 20% of all trading fees they generate trading other pairs. 

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can lift liquidity on the DASH pairs, please feel free to let us know so we can examine and implement them!


Vaultoro Team

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