Laurin Bylica joins Vaultoro as Head of Business Development

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We’re proud to announce that our latest hire to the Vaultoro team is for an important position that we’re super excited about and he needs no introduction in the space.

We’re proud to welcome Laurin Bylica as our new Head of Business Development.

Laurin Bylica Joins vaultoro to expand europe's alternative asset exchange.
Laurin Bylica, Head of Business Development

Laurin comes from a very successful time in Hong Kong as a venture capitalist and previously being a financial analyst at His experience and network help Vaultoro move forward in our business goals of increasing liquidity and reach while expanding our core offering to our customers.

“Vaultoro has built itself as the trusted European brand to be the first exchange to enable direct trading between cryptocurrencies and old-established precious metals like gold. I joined Vaultoro as Head of Business Development to support the company’s mission to become Europe’s leading platform for alternative assets.”

Laurin Bylica, Head of Business Development Vaultoro

This is another step in our aggressive roadmap for growth in 2020. This year will see many new milestones for the company and we’re proud to have Laurin as part of the team.

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