Law Firm Links Craig Wright to Stolen Mt. Gox Funds

The lawyers representing Craig Wright - who claims to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto - have offered some rather unusual evidence.
Vaultoro Mt. Gox Hack Craig Wright

Several incidents have dictated the history of Bitcoin, and by extension, the entire cryptocurrency world. When the Mt. Gox exchange was hacked and funds were stolen, everyone started paying attention to this novel industry. Years later, there is still evidence coming to light regarding this hack 

The Mt. Gox Incident Recap

Several years ago, the number of exchanges to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin was fairly limited. Only one big platform existed in 2010, which went by the name of Mt. Gox. It was a venture owned by Tibanne Ltd, and it operated out of Tokyo, Japan. 

Fast forward to 2013, and Mt. Gox is handling over 70% of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide. This helped catapult the company to the forefront, albeit the people running the platform were not ready for this major success. As a result, the platform suspended trading in early 2014 following a hack and theft of user balances.

It is believed that nearly 850,000 BTC were stolen from the platform. At the time, this was worth $450 million, despite Bitcoin having only  a fraction of the value it has today. Nearly a quarter of the stolen funds have been recovered, but there are still over 600,000 BTC unaccounted for as of today.

The Potential Craig Wright Evidence

The search for the culprits responsible for the Mt. Gox hack have never been found. Even today, there is still ample speculation regarding this topic. Everyone wants to know who is responsible for this security incident, yet it has become very difficult to pursue any new leads.

That situation may come to change thanks to help from an unexpected angle. Earlier this week, the lawyers representing Craig Wright – who claims to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto – have offered some rather unusual evidence. 

Documents shared on social media confirm that SCA Ontier – the law firm representing Craig Wright – have been in contact with the Blockstream team. The reason for doing so is to confirm that Craig Wright is the sole owner of two specific Bitcoin addresses.

One of these addresses, however, is tied to the Mt. Gox theft. It ended up receiving nearly 80,000 BTC stolen from the company in 2014. In today’s value, that address alone holds over $650 million in stolen Bitcoin funds.

The bigger question is why Craig Wright would claim ownership of this account. Everyone is well aware of this specific address being  a recipient of funds stolen from Mt. Gox. Claiming ownership of the account and putting it into writing – issued by a law firm – opens up a major can of worms. Whether he actually owns the address, is a different matter altogether. 

Proving ownership of this “1Feex address” is not difficult. If Wright can move some coins from that address to a new one, it will validate his claims. At the same time, it will also confirm that he was involved in the hack of Mt. Gox, or at least knew he had received illicit funds and never disclosed anything to the authorities. 

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