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All of us like making money. Especially when it’s in the form of rare valuable assets like gold and cryptocurrency.

At Vaultoro we earn from users trading fees and gold storage costs. And one of the ways new users hear about is through referrals. Either word of mouth or through dedicated affiliates that promote us. And we love it because we get new users AND get to give back a share of the revenue to YOU for telling people about Vaultoro.

Ok, enough talking, how does this help you? We want to make it easier for you to send us users. It’s good for all of us and just makes sense:

  • We benefit from getting new users
  • You benefit from being paid
  • The new users benefit from access to Vaultoro

So we want to help more and make it easier for you to send us new users

How Exactly?

By using our content. When you share content from our blog and someone reads it and opens an account, you’ll get the credit and the fees!

To make sure it’s tracked all you need to do it get your referral tag from your account and add it to the end of any article you like. It’s simple and we’ll take you through it step by step. The steps are:

  1. Find an article you want to share
  2. Get your referral link
  3. Add it to the URL
  4. Share, share, share!


We’ll take you through each step.

Find An Article to Share

bitcoin and cryptocurrency blog
Visit our bitcoin blog

Head over to our bitcoin and cryptocurrency blog and look at the posts. Pick any one you want and get the link. We have regular content about gold, silver, crypto markets and trading.

Get Your Tracking Link

To get your unique link, just login to your account and go to the referral page. Here you’ll see your unique tracking code. Copy it and on to next step!

Add It To The Article Link

Take the link of the article you want to share and add your referral code to the end.

So this:

link and referral tag


tracking link ready to share!


Share it everywhere you can. Wherever you know people will be interested in reading the great content we produce each week! And every user that visits our site and then signups (even 60 days later) is credited to your account. And you earn 20% of all their trading fees for 2 years.

We also have banners and other materials to help you and if you need any help at all we’re here. You can contact support or our Affiliate Department directly at affiliates(@) and we’ll be happy to help!

If you don’t have an account yet, then click and signup. It takes less than 60 seconds to get your unique tracking link.

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