Maker / Taker Fees for Free Trading?

Better than free trading is negative fee trading!

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THE Vaultoro Crypto TRADING Fee Schedule:

People don’t like paying fees and so search for free trading. We have taken it to the next level by paying crypto traders a negative trading fee to market make. This helps fill the order books with liquidity and also gives traders the ability to earn an income market making.

The Vaultoro fee schedule is based on a maker / taker model. For a full explanation of what a maker and a taker is see the explanation at the bottom of this page.

How do people make money trading crypto? 

There are many ways to make good money in crypto but one of the best techniques is to market make on exchanges. Vaultoro is one of the best places to market make because  we don’t take a fee, WE PAY YOU THE FEE! 
By adding trades to the Vaultoro crypto orderbook, you are adding liquidity. This should be rewarded.

Vaultoro makes it easy for you to earn crypto and gold trading from home by paying you a trading fee rather than taking one.

Crypto / Crypto trading pairs
Maker (negative trading fee) Taker
You Earn 0.05% per trade 0.05%

Negative trading fees like -0.05 means that you earn 0.05% per trade instead of paying a fee. This happens if you are a making the market, for an explanation of what a maker and what a taker is please see below.

Gold / SILVER trading pair Fee Schedule
30 Day Volume Maker Taker
€0 - €5,000 0.5% 0.5%
€5,001 - €25,000 0.450% 0.475%
€25,001 - €100,000 0.400% 0.450%
€100,001 - €1,000,000 0.350% 0.425%
€1,000,001 - €5,000,000 0.000% FREE 0.400%
≥ €5,000,000 You earn 0.100% (-0.1%) per trade 0.375%
All storage fees include insurance, auditing and vaulting
Crypto Gold Silver
FREE 0.04% Per Month 0.1% Per Month
Asset Minimum Deposit Address Set up Fee Deposit Fees Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit Withdrawal Fee
Bitcoin No min Free Free 0.0005 BTC 5 BTC 0.00015 BTC
Dash No min Free Free 0.05 DASH 1000 Dash 0.01 DASH
Ether No min Free. Limited to 1 per account Variable on-chain fee 0.004 ETH 50 Ether 0.0017 ETH
Litecoin No min Free Free 0.01 LTC 5000 LTC 0.001 LTC
Chainlink 1.5 LINK 0.15 LINK 0.12 LINK 0.12 LINK 100 LINK 1.4 LINK
Dai 35 DAI 5 DAI 5 DAI 5 DAI 5000 DAI 2.5 DAI
Tether 35 USDT 5 USDT 5 USDT 5 USDT 5000 USDT 2.5 USDT
Uniswap 2 UNI 0.5 UNI 0.5 UNI 2.2 UNI 150 UNI 0.6 UNI
The Best Market Maker - Market Taker explanation.
What is a Market Maker?

If you go to a marketplace and set up a hotdog stand, you put a price on the hotdogs and wait for customers to “take” your price. This means you are “market making” hotdogs. This is the same on exchanges, if you come to Vaultoro with some Bitcoin and put them up for sale for gold then you are a market maker.

Technically speaking, a Market Maker is a user who places a “limit order” in the order book that is waiting to be executed. They act as a liquidity provider:

“I place buy and sell orders on Vaultoro to offer other people good deals”

At Vaultoro market makers get a better deal to promote people filling up the orderbook and creating a more liquid market.

What is a Market Taker?

If you go to the market, walk up to the hotdog stand and buy a hotdog for the price they ask then you are a “Market Taker”. On exchanges like Vaultoro, if you come and buy someone’s order in the order-book for a price they ask then you are a Market Taker:

“I buy at the current price because I don’t want to wait for someone to match my price, I would rather TAKE and order”

Once two parties have agreed on the same price and amount the order will be immediately executed, removing liquidity from the market. On Vaultoro you pay a very small fee if you take from the market and part of that fee gets paid to the people placing orders into the order-book (market makers).

Can I get My Gold Physically delivered and how much does it cost?

Sure, please check our Vaultoro physical delivery page for details.

Vaultoro buy and sell gold bullion with bitcoin and crypto
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