Marketing Material

Here are some basic promotional materials to use when promoting Vaultoro or sending to friends and followers to send referrals to us.

If there is something that you want or need and don’t see it please let us know at affiliates(@) and we’ll get you what you need. We’re also always happy to talk strategy and figure out how we can get the word out to more people and help you earn more from our referral program.


Here are some standard logos for you to use. In white and black text. Contact us if you need something more.


We use blue and gold as our brand colors. To make life a bit easier for you here are the hex codes for the right shades:

  • Blue – #051c42
  • Gold – #ffbf00


Here are some basic descriptions of Vaultoro for you to use, or feel free to create your own. We’re happy to help.

Short description:

Vaultoro is the world’s first and leading cryptocurrency to gold exchange. Offering physical, allocated, audited, and insured gold bullion since 2015.

Short description:

Get half a gram of Gold free from Vaultoro when you trade 100 euros worth of cryptocurrency.

Medium description:

Get 1/2 gram of gold free at Vaultoro, the world’s first and leading cryptocurrency to gold exchange, when you trade 100 euros worth of crypto. Offering physical, allocated, and insured gold bullion since 2015. Buy gold with and trade against Bitcoin or Dash in real time 24/7. Secured in Swiss vaults and fully audited and transparent.


We have a host of banners to help you spread the word about Vaultoro. Here are a few popular ones to get started but please reach out to us at affiliates(@) and we’ll send you more. We can also have something special created for you!


It always helps to show new users what to expect. Here are some of our most common screens to use on your site:

If you haven’t yet signed up for our affiliate program then we suggest that you do now so you can start earning. You can also read more about it and what we offer: