Mobile Bitcoin Broker TabTrader Integrates Vaultoro API

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In this day and age of mobile devices, a lot of traders are looking for professional platforms supporting their smart devices. TabTrader should be on everybody’s list as this Android application was recently relaunched with some new additions and features. They have now integrated the Vaultoro API, giving traders access to Bitcoin and gold wherever they are.

TabTrader Relaunch With Vaultoro API integration

There seems to be a growing demand for broker applications on mobile devices, and the market is heating up with multiple entrants vying for the top spot. TabTrader is a trading platform well worth checking out, as they were the first Bitcoin broker to launch on the Android operating system. An iOS version of this application is coming out later this month.

What makes TabTrader so appealing is how users can enter multiple accounts into the app, and get a complete overview of their portfolio right away. Moreover, they can start trading across all supported exchanges with a few taps on the screen. Convenience is an important aspect to traders, and this Android app seems to do the trick quite well. So much even, that it became the world’s most popular Bitcoin trading app with the highest rating of 4.6★ The platform supports more than 500 different crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), DAO, Lisk (LSK) and now even gold.

One thing very few people seem to be aware of is how the world of cryptocurrency is primarily made up of trading activity. Transactions between users, combined with mining pools payouts, represent less than 10% of the daily transfer volume. Trading, on the other hand, is something of far more significant value and appeal.

What makes TabTrader even better is how the application is completely free to use for all mobile users. The mobile trading solution offers a broad range of supported exchanges, which now also includes the Vaultoro platform. Traders can complete conversions between Bitcoin and gold on their Android device wherever they are at any given time. It has never been easier to buy gold with Bitcoin or vice versa.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will recognize all of the other supported exchanges, ranging from EXMO to Kraken, and Huobi to Poloniex. The addition of Vaultoro is quite significant, as it is the first supported exchange which deals in allocated bullion gold and Bitcoin through the same platform. Once Vaultoro users have linked their API key and secret key, they can start to buy or sell Bitcoin and gold right away.

Vaultoro CEO Joshua Scigala stated:

“This is revolutionising the gold bullion markets because traditionally it would take days and huge fees to buy physical gold secured in Swiss vaulting facilities. This integration is a world first as anyone, anywhere can whip out their mobile phone and buy investment grade bullion in seconds and because of bitcoin the lowest fees anywhere.”

TabTrader can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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