One million and updates

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Big thanks to you!

We reached $1.000.000 USD in gold trading volume and our user base is growing each day.

Open Talent Award 2015

Coming up on September 22, Vaultoro will be heading to Spain for the BBVA Open Talent Competition. Of the 15 international finalists, we are one of only three blockchain companies selected for this prestigious award.

Got an event or a meet-up group?

Josh is available to present in person or online. He just finished up a talk in Houston, TX, and is scheduling Australia, Poland, and other places around the world. He loves to talk about Banking 2.0 and how transparency and privacy can work together. He will gladly answer questions from your community. Send inquiries to Tatiana.

Zapchain AMA!

Speaking of “answering questions” — join us on September 17 for a Zapchain AMA! We’ll be discussing how gold can be used as a stable store of value and why combining it with the speed and mobility of bitcoin is an intriguing innovation. Ask Us Anything!

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