Gold Physical Delivery And Pickup Trading Services

If you want to risk holding your gold at home

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Current status

⚠️ Physical delivery of gold bars is currently on hold. We are currently working on finding a new logistics partner for our delivery services. We do not offer delivery of silver bars due to the low price/weight ratio. Pickup of gold bars is still available (see below).



Physical Collection can only take place at the Brink’s Zurich Airport Depot facilities.

  • Minimum quantity: 1 kg. (Only 1 kg Gold bars available for collection, so quantities must always be full kilograms)
  • Previous requirements: Customer must have KYC on and should be able to provide as much information as required by Vaultoro. Including but not limited to: valid phone number, contact details, personal information, recent proof of address, ID selfie.
  • Customer must consent to a copy of their ID being sent to Brink’s.
  • Collection must be in person by the registered Vaultoro user. No partners, relatives or powers of attorney can collect physical Gold in the user’s name. 
  • An original valid passport must be presented at the time of collection, and it needs to match the one on file for the customer.
  • The date and time of the appointment will be communicated not later than three working days in advance.
  • Customer is responsible for their own means of transportation. They should be able to identify themselves in person at the Brink’s facilities, with the same ID or Passport they used on verification.
  • Customer must acknowledge the receipt in writing.
  • Return in full or in part of the Gold is NOT possible. Under no circumstances, we can accept any physical Gold deposits. This is to stop any counterfeit gold entering the Vaultoro system.
  • The collection fee is: 2% of the current gold price (value) at 1 pm CET on the previous working day before the collection takes place.
  • Price and fee will be deducted from the Gold user’s balance on The collection is only possible after the full amount, including the fees, is deducted from the user’s balance on
  • The user is responsible for any and all taxes and duties applicable to their country of origin.
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