Public audit now available for everyone


Today we made our audit available to the public through our front page.
There is one major reason to make the audit public:


To be as transparent as possible we have shown an anonymised ledger of all our users holdings inside the trading platform. From there they can be matched against the statements provided by the vault operator, and audit certificates from BDO international and our cold wallets.

Now all members holdings can be viewed without logging in. This ensures that we cannot display a different audit to individual users. To view the audit simply go to

For legal reasons the gold documents are only available in the audit section inside our trading platform once you have logged in.

Full reserve

The audit proves that we always running on full reserves. This is possible due to the nature of gold and bitcoin. We are the only exchange that offers this level of transparency. We hope that other exchanges will adopt our approach to provide better transparency in the industry.

How to read the audit

Our total members gold holdings always match the gold holdings in the vault, verified by our vault operator who are verified by one of the largest auditing firms in the world, BDO International.

To make sure we are at full reserves on the bitcoin side, our total members bitcoin holdings can be matched against the cold wallets balances.

Stay tuned for upcoming features. Follow us on Twitter

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