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  1. By referring people to Vaultoro through your individual referral link you are entitled to a commission of 20% of Vaultoro’s gross trading commission from the member that you are directly responsible for introducing according to the procedures of the Vaultoro referral program.

  2. When your referrals refer someone then you are entitled to receive a commission of 5% of any trading fees they generate.

  3. Any referral commission generated from your referred customer will continue for a period of 2 years starting from the date the referred customer creates an account.

  4. By using the referral link and vaultoro bitcoin affiliate program in general you understand that Vaultoro will place a cookie on the prospects computer system lasting 2 months. This cookie will credit you as the referrer in the Vaultoro system. You understand that this is only possible if cookies are allowed by the prospects browser settings and or if no pre-existing Vaultoro referral cookie referencing another referrers code exists on the prospects computer.

  5. You acknowledge and understand that the existence of a pre-existing cookie on a prospects computer system will credit and benefit another referer instead of you. You understand that sometimes this policy will benefit you by locking you in as a referrer for 2 months (unless a prospect clears his cookies in that 2 month period) if you were the first. You also understand and accept that sometimes you will not be the first to refer a prospect meaning that you will not receive commission for that member.

  6. You acknowledge and agree to the fact that a prospect can manually or automatically delete a cookie containing your referral ID before the 2 month time period has expired. You agree that if a cookie has been manipulated, deleted or expires in anyway Vaultoro will no longer identify you as the first referer. 

  7. You agree and acknowledge that when a cookie expires on a prospects machine and the prospect has neither visited or registering on the Vaultoro site within two months of the prospect receiving the referral cookie which credits you as the referrer then this causes that cookie to expunge.

  8. You agree that only the correct use of the referral URL structure as detailed on the Vaultoro Referral page will generate commissions. 

  9. You will not receive a commission from any existing Vaultoro customers whose details are already in the Vaultoro system, click on your referral link and create a new account.

  10. You agree and acknowledge that by law you must go through KYC/AML requirements before you can withdraw your commission from the Vaultoro referral program.

  11. You agree that commission earned in gold will have to be either (i) Physically withdrawn (Physically delivered or picked up) and or (ii) traded into bitcoin where your standard trading fee applies.

  12. You agree not to refer your spouse’s account or your own accounts. You acknowledge that if Vaultoro doubts an account then Vaultoro may prevent withdrawal of referral earnings. 

  13. You acknowledge that you will receive commission both in bitcoin and in gold depending on the type of trade your referral executed.

  14. Any referral program material offered for your use remains copyright of Vaultoro Limited. If you reproduce and or make amendments to the material in anyway, be it print, website, email or any other medium you agree only to use it for the sole purpose of promoting Vaultoro only.

  15. You agree that Vaultoro reserves the right to cancel and not pay out any of your referral income if Vaultoro finds that your referral links are coming from or have links to websites that contain any material which is radially – violent, obscene, hateful, unlawful, ethnically or sexually discriminatory or in breach of any third party rights.

  16. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, tax laws, regulations, orders and other such instruments of rule that apply in your jurisdiction.

  17. Vaultoro takes a no tolerance approach to spam. If you are found linking to Vaultoro or promoting the Vaultoro brand with abuse of the international anti-spam regulations, then Vaultoro reserves the right to cancel all commissions earned and suspend your account until further notice. 

  18. When promoting Vaultoro via email you acknowledge that you accept liability for ensuring your email lists are up-to-date, that all email lists are “opt in” only and fully compliant with data protection and anti-spam regulations.

  19. Once your Vaultoro account is closed or frozen you will stop earning any referral commission. Vaultoro reserves the right to close or freeze your account at any time if Vaultoro should find a breach regarding these terms and conditions or if we are compelled to by law enforcement agencies. We acknowledge that not all account closures will be due to account misuse and if it is deemed by Vaultoro that this is the case then procedures will be taken to repatriate your earnings. 

  20. Vaultoro will cancel any commission earned if you include trademarks of Vaultoro, or a variant or misspelling of a trademark of Vaultoro, in any domain name – for example, a domain name such as , , , or would be unsuitable.

  21. Vaultoro will cancel any commissions earned if you include any trademark of Vaultoro in any username, group name, or other identifier on any social networking website if they are seen to be fooling people into thinking that account is run by or owned by Vaultoro Limited – for example, a username such as “Vaultoro” or “Vaultoro Japan” registered on a social networking site such as Twitter, Facebook or Reddit would be unsuitable.

  22. Vaultoro will cancel any commissions earned if you include any trademark of Vaultoro in any paid search engine or advertising platform promotion. Bidding on the Vaultoro name or associated trademarks is not an accepted form of generating referrals.

  23. Vaultoro reserves the right to cancel any commission and withhold any rewards from any referred accounts or referrers that we deem to have been earned as a result of abuse. Abuse of the referral system will be decided at the sole discretion of Vaultoro. This includes but is not limited to duplicate accounts and incentivized cashback schemes for trading fees.

  24.  Vaultoro reserves the right to pause the gold giveaway to new accounts and referrers in the event of suspected fraud or abuse, for the purpose of investigating. The decision to pause is at the sole discretion of Vaultoro, as well as the length and scope of the investigation.

  25.  Vaultoro reserves the right to close any trading accounts that we deem to be abusing the referral system or rewards. Abuse of the referral system will be decided at the sole discretion of Vaultoro.

  26. You acknowledge that Vaultoro can at anytime change the trading fees that Vaultoro members pay and that you will continue getting your referral network percentages but they will be based on any new fee structures introduced.

  27. As of 1st December 2015 these are the terms and conditions you hereby agree to before using the Vaultoro referral program. Vaultoro can update these terms at anytime without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post any modifications on the Vaultoro website. If you continue participation in the referral program after the modification then this shall constitute consent to any modifications.

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