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Physical gold dealers are ceasing operations.

Physical Gold Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Switzerland has declare a state of emergency. Due to the bans from leaving home, Argor Heraeus and Valcambi, …

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The Bitcoin Group with Thomas Hunt

TBG, Corona & BTC, India Legalizes BTC And Powerplants Mining

Exit Question: Is it better to have Cash, Goods or Bitcoin? Issue #2 – Friends like these – Famous Bitcoin Advocate Trace Mayer came out …

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Artificial intelligence and technical analysis

New AI Technical Analysis Tools

New AI Technical Analysis Tools We have added easy to read AI Technical analysis indicators to Vaultoro! If you have a look in the widgets …

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Arabic walls in Iran

Bitcoin in times of crises

In times of crises it is pointless to say what the exact value is. It is whatever people are willing to pay. But we are …

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