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Vaultoro Russia Gold Sales Q2

Russia’s Q2 Gold Sales Vastly Outweigh Gas Export Profits

Contrary to most other assets and commodities, precious metals have performed rather well. Their demand has not decreased by much, as is evident from Russia’s sales alone.

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Understanding The Logistics of Physical Gold Shipments During the Coronavirus Crisis

Under normal circumstances, gold would travel in cargo holds of commercial planes. However, the coronavirus crisis has ensured that commercial flights have decreased significantly all over the world

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Easing Coronavirus Measures can Drive Gold prices Higher

Gold has performed quite well as a safe haven asset during the coronavirus crisis, getting investors very excited for what the future may hold.

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Vaultoro Gold Price Stimulus Packages

Gold Price Bounces by Over $100 as More Stimulus Packages are Announced Globally

It is a far bigger gain than most people had anticipated. Long-term traders and holders will be pleased with the current market momentum.

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Physical gold dealers are ceasing operations.

Physical Gold Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Switzerland has declare a state of emergency. Due to the bans from leaving home, Argor Heraeus and Valcambi, …

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Vaultoro Gold Scammers

Rising Gold Price Brings out Scammers Looking to Defraud Novice Investors

This particular method of a scam is not new. Over the years, the gold industry has noted ample fraudulent approaches reported by clients.

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Golden bitcoins and chinese flag.

Gold Demand in China Is Rising Due To Investment Trading Opportunities

The gold industry is constantly undergoing changes these days. China has been importing more gold than ever before, thanks to new banking deals to lease …

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