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Vaultoro Gold India China

Physical Gold Premiums Rise in India, China Offers Discounted Bullion

The situation in India is rather unique, especially when comparing it to China. In that part of the world, gold is being sold at a discount, instead of a premium.

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Vaultoro US China Politics Gold

Strenuous US-China Relationship Paves the way for a Higher Gold Price

During times of uncertainty, precious metals tend to become more popular, and by default, rise in value. This is especially visible when looking at the prices of both gold and silver.

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Vaultoro Australia Gold Mining

Australia Will Overtake China as the World’s Leading Gold Producer

If the price keeps rising like it did over the past 18 months, Australia might overtake China even sooner than originally expected.

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Vaultoro China Illegal Gold Mining

Three Laos Residents get Arrested for Mining Gold Illegally

Making matters worse is how this is not a standalone incident. Local sources claim that individuals have been sneaking into this land’s caves to extract gold.

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Vaultoro China Gold Demand

China’s Gold Demand Remains low as Coronavirus Fears Control the Market Sentiment

The reason for this uneasy situation is not difficult to determine. When the coronavirus broke out, all malls had to close down until further notice.

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Weekly Price Analysis #16 – Week 33

Welcome traders and investors, to another week in the worlds of bitcoin and gold! BTC/USD – Ranging Outside the Bear’s Lair Currently trading at $6,469, …

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Weekly Price Analysis #15 – Week 32

Hey there bitcoiners and goldbugs, time for another weekly price update! BTC/USD – Bears Take Control At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at …

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Weekly Price Analysis #14 – Week 31

Hey there bitcoiners and goldbugs, time for another weekly price update! BTC/USD – Bulls Retreat on Exchange Uncertainty At the time of writing, Bitcoin is …

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Golden bitcoins and chinese flag.

Gold Demand in China Is Rising Due To Investment Trading Opportunities

The gold industry is constantly undergoing changes these days. China has been importing more gold than ever before, thanks to new banking deals to lease …

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The Return of Gold-backed Fiat Currencies Is On The Horizon

China’s economy has been attracting a lot of attention – both positive and negative – in recent years, which has caused a fair amount of …

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