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Vaultoro Citibank Gold Price Prediction

Citibank Analysts Predict a Short-term and Long-term Gold Price Increase

The rising unemployment rate is something to be concerned about. As of right now, that rate sits at 4.4%, beating expectations, but not for the right reasons.

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Vaultoro Gold Standard Peter Schiff

Coronavirus Crisis Warrants Reinstating the Gold Standard to Curb Central Bank Powers

Finding countries and governments willing to introduce the gold standard again will not happen overnight. It is a very controversial decision to make, as it would seriously hamper any power the central banks may have.

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Vaultoro Gold Price India

India’s Gold Price and Demand are on the Rise, but the Global Trend Remains Volatile

Despite the prominent gold price momentum in India, it would appear that the rest of the world doesn’t share this optimism. According to most charts, the gold price is likely to go down slightly, rather than move up.

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Vaultoro China Gold Demand

China’s Gold Demand Remains low as Coronavirus Fears Control the Market Sentiment

The reason for this uneasy situation is not difficult to determine. When the coronavirus broke out, all malls had to close down until further notice.

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Vaultoro Mobile Payments Coronavirus

Coronavirus Crisis Seemingly Paves the way for Mobile Payments

The coronavirus is, in that particular regard, a welcome gift for most governments. As cash is now considered to be a “carrier” of the virus, stores are less eager to accept it as a form of payment.

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Vaultoro Euro Stimulus Coronavirus

EU Announces Stimulus Packages for Corona-Stricken Regions, Euro Likely to Lose Value

he European Parliament is willing to lend a helping hand in this regard. Earlier this week, two packages of financial support were approved.

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Vaultoro Quebec Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Quebec Will Shut Down for at Least Three Weeks

This news comes as somewhat of a surprise. In Quebec, mining is one of the few priority services in the region.

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Vaultoro Gold Price Stimulus Packages

Gold Price Bounces by Over $100 as More Stimulus Packages are Announced Globally

It is a far bigger gain than most people had anticipated. Long-term traders and holders will be pleased with the current market momentum.

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How crypto and gold could develop incredible synergies.

Crypto and Gold  The actual turbulence caused by the corona virus shed light again on the SoV function of crypto-currencies. They show high volatility compared to …

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Corona-mask-on renminbi (RMB),

Gold Reaching All Time Highs As Corona Fears Rise Globally.

Gold Reaching All Time Highs As Coronavirus Fears Rise Globally A seven year high for gold and naturally the main driver is that people are …

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