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Gold and Bitcoin in the War on Cash

Gold and Bitcoin in the War On Cash Global commerce is gravitating towards digital payments, with smartphone apps, credit cards, and bank transfers gradually replacing …

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Vaultoro Gold Mines Announcemenets Coronavirus

Gold Producers Look to the Future as Global Coronavirus Crisis Gets Under Control

Now that the coronavirus crisis is seemingly under control in most countries, it is time to cautiously begin exploring what the future may hold. In …

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Vaultoro Gold Price Futures Coornavirus

Phil Streible Expects a Downturn for Gold and Stocks Markets

He does expect there to be some noteworthy leaps in terms of foreign currency growth. That momentum may very well hinge on who issues future stimulus packages.

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Vaultoro Owning Gold Price BoA Gold Bars

Gold Will Become Invaluable to Central Banks Following the Coronavirus Crisis

The bigger question is whether or not banks are even in a position to consider the selling of such assets, given their current balance sheets.

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Gold and Bitcoin vs Stock Market Crash

Gold and Bitcoin vs Stock Market Crash Even in the most exuberant stock market rally, there is always the latent threat of a crash. Gold, …

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Understanding The Logistics of Physical Gold Shipments During the Coronavirus Crisis

Under normal circumstances, gold would travel in cargo holds of commercial planes. However, the coronavirus crisis has ensured that commercial flights have decreased significantly all over the world

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Vaultoro Gold Price Stimulus Packages

Gold Price is Likely to Rise as Wealth Protection Becomes More Crucial

Gold is also a physical commodity, thus it cannot be printed in unlimited quantities like fiat currency. There is no such thing as a “gold printer”.

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Vaultoro Coronavirus Stimlus Collapse Gold

Easing of Coronavirus Measures Will Trigger an Economic Collapse and Spark Demand for Gold

he Bank of Japan is introducing additional stimulus packages to soften the blow of the economic impact that will follow after the coronavirus crisis has been overcome.

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Vaultoro Owning Gold Price BoA Gold Bars

Bank of America Analysts Project an 18-month Gold Price of $3,000

Not only would this result in a new all-time high gold price value, but it is also 50% higher than its current record price.

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People trading bitcoin with physical gold at Vaultoro

Gold is the Second-best Performing Asset Year-to-date With an 8.5% Gain

In total, there are just four assets with a positive performance over the past year, which isn’t exactly promising. It is an unfortunate side effect of the coronavirus crisis.

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