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Vaultoro Gold India China

Physical Gold Premiums Rise in India, China Offers Discounted Bullion

The situation in India is rather unique, especially when comparing it to China. In that part of the world, gold is being sold at a discount, instead of a premium.

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Vaultoro Gold Jewelry india China

Demand for Gold Jewelry Plummets in India and China, Investment Demand Keeps Rising

With gold prices hitting a seven-and-a-half year high last week, the coming weeks will undoubtedly get very interesting. As more stimulus packages are announced globally, the price is likely to remain near the high end of the spectrum.

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Vaultoro Gold Price India

India’s Gold Price and Demand are on the Rise, but the Global Trend Remains Volatile

Despite the prominent gold price momentum in India, it would appear that the rest of the world doesn’t share this optimism. According to most charts, the gold price is likely to go down slightly, rather than move up.

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Indian super heroes that fought hard to legalise Crypto currency in india

Welcome the great people of India back to cryptocurrency

Welcome the great people of India back to cryptocurrency The highest court in India today finally overturned the ban on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that the …

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