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Vaultoro Gold Price Futures Coornavirus

Phil Streible Expects a Downturn for Gold and Stocks Markets

He does expect there to be some noteworthy leaps in terms of foreign currency growth. That momentum may very well hinge on who issues future stimulus packages.

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Vaultoro Owning Gold Price BoA Gold Bars

Bank of America Analysts Project an 18-month Gold Price of $3,000

Not only would this result in a new all-time high gold price value, but it is also 50% higher than its current record price.

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Vaultoro Gold Price Stimulus Packages

Gold Price Surpasses $1,700 Again, Dennis Gartman Expects Trend to Continue

On the topic of central banks, several countries are actively buying larger supplies of physical gold lately. Primarily Russia and China continue to stockpile the precious metal like there is no tomorrow.

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Vaultoro Gold Silver Ratio

The Gold-Silver Ratio Recently hit an All-time High of 100

One thing traders were excited about is the gold-silver ratio. This week, that ratio hit an all-time high of 100.

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Weekly Price Analysis #15 – Week 32

Hey there bitcoiners and goldbugs, time for another weekly price update! BTC/USD – Bears Take Control At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at …

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Weekly Price Analysis #14 – Week 31

Hey there bitcoiners and goldbugs, time for another weekly price update! BTC/USD – Bulls Retreat on Exchange Uncertainty At the time of writing, Bitcoin is …

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The bank district of central London, United Kingdom

Central Banks Expected To Push Gold Price Down – New Trading Opportunities Arise

For those investors who are keeping part of their portfolio in gold and other precious metals, the lack of market activity may have them concerned. …

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Brexit Result Makes Gold and Bitcoin Look Very Promising

If there is one thing the majority of global traders will agree upon, it is that the gold price is booming once again. Unlike what …

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Trading Bot C.A.T integrates the Vaultoro API

Our Api is still in BETA but people are already building awesome applications for mobile phones and desktops to easily trade, save or spend gold …

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Introducing the Vaultoro API

From today, anyone in the world can start building amazing apps that utilise the Vaultoro trading engine. Programmers all over the world are welcome build …

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