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The Future of the Lightning Network – Expert Interview Part I

Introduction – The Future of Digital Trade Will Bitcoin be the future of money? Will Bitcoin Lightning Network micropayments be the new digital cash? Many …

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Segwit2X and Bitcoin Cash Update

Segwit 2x Last week, the Segwit2x team announced they would no longer support the project, but a small number of miners may attempt to fork …

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Brexit Result Makes Gold and Bitcoin Look Very Promising

If there is one thing the majority of global traders will agree upon, it is that the gold price is booming once again. Unlike what …

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Mobile Bitcoin Broker TabTrader Integrates Vaultoro API

In this day and age of mobile devices, a lot of traders are looking for professional platforms supporting their smart devices. TabTrader should be on …

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don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Diversification Through Gold Increases Financial Odds For The Future

Consumers and enterprises all over the world are keeping a very close eye on their portfolios these days, as financial turmoil is wreaking havoc on …

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The Return of Gold-backed Fiat Currencies Is On The Horizon

China’s economy has been attracting a lot of attention – both positive and negative – in recent years, which has caused a fair amount of …

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