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What People Are Saying

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Vaultoro pioneered bitcoin trading with gold back in 2015. I have done really well by buying gold with bitcoin in December 2017 and selling back to bitcoin at the beginning of 2020. I really would not have liked holding fiat on an exchange for that long but gold that if fully insured and audited sitting in a tax free high-security vault in Switzerland! now that's another story!
Joshua Jackson
"I'm not a trader but I love to save. My strategy is simple. Every 10% that bitcoin goes up I convert 5% to gold. My stack has grown a lot and I feel great knowing it's fully insured."
Emily Fieldman
When I first heard about Vaultoro's generous affiliate program I jumped at the chance. I have earned a great passive income from all the traders I have brought to the platform as every time one of my affiliates trades I earn 20% #StackingSats and #Bullion
Jessica Inglfarm

Earn easy money referring traders

When you bring a trader to, both you and your referral earn 1/2 a gram of gold each after they have traded their first 500 euros.
But the real money is when you bring big traders as you earn 20% of any fees they pay!
It gets better! If those traders also refer people you get 5% of any fees they pay. Set and forget.

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