The Golden Safe Haven For April Crypto Boom

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Dear Vaultorians,

Wanted to send you an April update.

Vaultoro sponsoring the BOLT-A-THON online hackathon/Conference

The Bolt-A-Thon is the world’s first online Lightning Network conference and hackathon. Tickets are $10 per session and feature Lightning pioneers such as Alex Bosworth, Rusty Russell, Fabrice Drouin, and Max Hillebrand.

Buy your tickets now with lightning or on-chain!

April Volumes On Vaultoro Sky Rocket As Traders Hedge Bitcoins Huge April Gains.

In the last three days, we have seen bitcoin’s booster rockets fire with around about 25% value increase!

In these first three days of April trading, we have seen more volume than the entirety of March! Will we see a 2k correction like many of our buyers think or will crypto keep going to 6K as our sellers think? Only time will tell.

We sent out a survey a few weeks back and asked our users why they use Vaultoro. The answer is often the same:

“Why should I trust Tether or these un-insured, un-audited fiat coins when I can hedge crypto profits in insured and audited allocated gold?”

It’s great to see the world waking up to the fact that rare numbers like bitcoin work exceptionally well with rare metals like gold. Gold is a perfect way to take profits bank independently utilising world class top tier private Swiss Vaults and LBMA regulated and understood gold standards.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and profitable April.

Joshua Scigala

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