Vaultoro 2.0

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Dear Vaultorians,

When we first built Vaultoro 4 years ago, Bitcoin was the only serious cryptocurrency and the so called Alt-Coins were a fun side note. We wanted to build the future of the commodities markets – a place where the oldest money in the world could trade with the newest. Now we see that the future of money isn’t just Bitcoin, but a competing market of cryptos that have different network effects in different geographical regions.

To enable our users more features and better stability and liquidity, we decided to rebuild Vaultoro and relaunch the platform.

How this exciting project began

About a year ago we started to work on building the allocated commodities market of the future. To add some of the blue-chip coins and other metals. Six months later we received some funding by the DASH funding DAO to integrate DASH as the first new coin paired with gold coin in Vaultoro 2.0.

We decided to build Vaultoro 2.0 from the ground up as this would future-proof us as we build out the worlds fasted physical and digital asset exchange.

Why doesn’t this happen overnight?

We don’t rush things, we build them carefully. Security of our users funds and data is our top priority and in the modern world technology and safety can only be achieved through very thought out tested processes and system designs.

Where are we?

We are building our systems from the ground up but we make major progress every day.

We will soon release a public roadmap where everyone can follow our progress. We still have a heap of things to do but our hope is to release Vaultoro 2.0 in Q1/Q2 2019.

I’m very excited to show everyone the new beautiful interface and begin the trading of DASH and physical allocated Gold. The Bitcoin and DASH community will have the opportunity to store their savings and earnings in audited and insured physical gold bars, secured in a Swiss high-security vaulting facility, ready to spend as crypto at any time. Gold is always in full reserve, unlike every bank that runs on a fractional reserve.


We from Vaultoro wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!


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