Vaultoro after the fork

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Depositing and withdrawing of Bitcoin is enabled by now, all functions are restored back to normal

Dear users,

The hardfork that occurred on 1 August occurred as predicted.
Vaultoro has always been about being open in communication with its members. In keeping with this promise, we want to inform you on the status of Bitcoin Cash and what it means for you on our platform.

Vaultoro will distribute Bitcoin Cash to each member wallet reflecting the Bitcoin Cash they are entitled to. The allocation of Bitcoin Cash will be 1:1 Bitcoin Cash to all eligible BTC holdings. Eligibility will be determined by the snapshot of the number of BTC held in Vaultoro member wallets that was taken on our system when the Bitcoin Fork occurred. Any deposits of BTC that were in transit, but not completed on our system before we stopped depositing at the time of the Fork, will not be credited with Bitcoin Cash equivalents.

We will open Bitcoin cash withdrawals as soon as there is a stable software and a stable Bitcoin Cash network to support withdrawing. This depends on the Bitcoin Cash supporters.

Since we have your Bitcoin stored in a very safe setup (Hot, Warm and Cold wallets) it will take maybe longer to give everyone the opportunity to withdraw Bitcoin Cash. We ask you to be patient with us.

We are happy that Bitcoin is growing and new scaling possibilities have opened up.

Thanks for you support, for Bitcoin and Vaultoro.


Philip & Joshua Scigala

Founders of Vaultoro

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