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Vaultoro Gold Referrals are better than traditional Bitcoin affiliate programs

Affiliate programs can be the lifeblood of any company, both in the cryptocurrency world and beyond. Incentivizing and rewarding users properly is a must, and Vaultoro is stepping up its game compared to other service providers.

The Current State of Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Most companies in the world of Bitcoin and other crypto assets will provide an affiliate program. Doing so serves multiple purposes. First of all, it helps generate constant marketing for a service provider, as existing affiliates will try to get others to join through their links.

cryptocurrency affiliate program

Secondly, it helps increase overall revenue for these companies. More users mean more trading fees, orders, online bets, et cetera. It is a very simple yet effective strategy, assuming the affiliate rewards are worthwhile. More often than not, they leave much to be desired in the Bitcoin world.

Looking at the rewards one can earn, there are usually two business models to be identified.

The first grants users a flat one-time payment for introducing new users through their referral link. The second option is earning a low percentage of earnings made from referred users by the service provider. While both of these models seem to work, there is a lot of room for improvements.

Vaultoro Raises the Bar

Unlike the business models outlined above, Vaultoro is going above and beyond to reward its users and affiliates.

The main source of revenue is how an affiliate can earn 20% of their referral’s trading fees for a duration of two full years. That is unheard of in the cryptocurrency industry when it comes to trading fees, further confirming that Vaultoro is looking at this aspect of their business in a completely different way.

Secondly, Vaultoro affiliates will earn from their second-tier referrals as well. This is a great gesture by the company, as they value everyone brought to their platform, either directly, or indirectly. Actively spreading the word about Vaultoro can yield lucrative affiliate income for those who put in the work.

Furthermore, the company wants all of its affiliates to succeed. Rather than leaving users to their own devices after they sign up for the program, there is dedicated marketing material to take advantage of. Combined with the dedicated affiliate manager employed by the company, anyone can succeed working hard.

affiliate programs for bitcoin

Last but not least, Vaultoro wouldn’t be the company it is today if it hadn’t maintained its open access to both Bitcoin and gold. Any affiliate earnings can be traded into gold on the fly, giving users all the more reason to actively attract new users. Trading between Bitcoin and gold yields the best of both worlds. Both assets are in a prime position to keep appreciating in value over the years to come.

For a limited time, affiliates and new users will receive half a gram of gold free of charge.

With this offer in place, there is no reason not to sign up for the Vaultoro affiliate program and begin exploring what the gold and Bitcoin markets have to offer.

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