Light ⚡️nite Vaultoro game skin

Vaultoro Is In The First Lighting Network Game

The First Lighting Network Game

Vaultoro has been deeply involved in promoting and supporting the bitcoin Network Game. was the first exchange in the world to implement the lightning network over 2 years ago and have sponsored every lighting event including the lighting hack day’s, lighting conference and online blackthorns. So when Carlos the founder of Satoshi games reached out with an offer to include Vaultoro in the first mainstream lighting network game I became very excited.

Light nite is a battle royal game like Fortnite but with a very cool twist. You can earn bitcoin over the lightning network by winning battles and the digital assets you collect in the game are tradeable and cryptographically rare!

We are introducing the Vaultoro skin also known as “Golden Joe”. Now you can get this skin and a 20% discount off when you purchase the game at

Why skins in the game are super unique?

First Lighting Network Game

Because users will decide if entering the arena and will be matched to a pool of users with the same (a) rank and (b) value of the items that they are wearing.

When a player dies its items drop on the ground and other players have to take strategic but quick decisions while other opponents try to kill them: they need to choose what to loot from the dead player (either ammo, shield, or better guns to increase the probability to win the game) and they need to do so wisely because each player has limited slots for items that can be carried in the backpack.

This is the only game mode where players can lose their items. Collected items can be sold in exchange of bitcoin once the player wins the Arena. So basically if you win the Arena, you can go to the marketplace and sell the rare Vaultoro skin and or the assets you might have looted from other players


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