Precious metals such as gold, silver and some cryptocurrencies are the ideal crisis protection for savers and traders. Classic savings accounts through a bank open you up to intransparent lending practices of the bank, and any global financial crises where your bank gets taken down with the rest of them.

Even without a crisis, pure fiat currencies always end up returning to their intrinsic value, – ZERO. Why would anyone want to save in something that is always losing value?
The global debt crises can make governments the lender of last resort or use a reset key and replace the existing currency Protection all together with a new one.

One has to simply look at German history to learn that a single fiat currency has never held longer Protection than even a single human lifetime!

He who holds gold will always hold value

What People Say About Gold

Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit

JP Morgan

The desire for gold is the most universal and a deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race.

Gerald M. Loeb

The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.


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